“MELATHRON of Mycenae: A Semi-centennial of Beneficence” (Dec. 2019)

The Mycenaean Foundation contributes as a non-profit organization to the cultural development of the region and the international profile of Greece. To this end, the Mycenaean Foundation organizes a series of interactive educational activities at the MELATHRON Center  at Mycenae, such as public lectures, symposia, seminars, colloquia, and workshops (free admission for the “Friends of the Mycenaean Foundation”). These events take place in the M. H.

ACAM Annual Lecture Series 2018: "Dirt Archaeology and Dirty Politics in Greece"

"The discovery of the 'throne of Agamemnon' at Mycenae: dirt archaeology and dirty politics in Greece," Friday, February 2nd, 2018, 6:00 pm in the Malcolm Wiener Ceremonial Hall, Melathron at Mycena. The ACAM Annual Lecture Series will be inaugurated by Prof. C. Maggidis, President of the Mycenaean Foundation, with a revealing lecture about the recent startling discovery of the royal throne at Mycenae and the political games that torment archaeology in Greece.