The A.C.A.M. study abroad program on the Greek news!

"Διεθνές Πολιτιστικό Κέντρο οι Μυκήνες": the A.C.A.M. and the Mycenaean Foundation feature in a recent article at Proto Thema that profiles the important educational, research, and public benefir work of the Foundation and the Center in Greece; read the article (in Greek) at 

"Erasmus...made in USA στις αρχαίες Μυκήνες": the A.C.A.M. features in a recent article by P. Savvidis at Proto Thema as a unique study abroad academic and cultural experience for American students, but also as a great opportunity for Greece to promote globally the country's cultural outreach and bolster its regional economy; read the article (in Greek) at