Intensive Modern Greek I

(July 2021) This is an accelerated, intensive, specialized and targeted course, aiming at preparing entering students for the semester abroad program at the American Center for Archaeology at Mycenae, Greece. The goals are to prepare students to communicate in Modern Greek at a basic level while living and studying in Greece and to enhance their experience with the local people and culture. The course teaches a basic oral command and understanding of Modern Greek, including a basic vocabulary of commonly used words and idiomatic expressions, as well as some specialized, professional or technical terms specific to archaeology. Special attention will be given to building the necessary language infrastructure with an emphasis on reading, listening comprehension, speaking, reading and some writing: alphabet, sounds, specialized and basic vocabulary and formulaic/idiomatic expressions, basic grammar and essential structure principles taught selectively in theory and mostly by intensive practice, through carefully selected texts, dialogues, and videotapes (adapted from Modern Greek textbooks and podcasts, professional archaeological books or novels, or made up from everyday-life situations). No prerequisites; appropriate for entering students to the program without any prior knowledge of the language.

Maria Anastassiathe
Course Code: 
MGRE 101