Student Activities

The students will reside at Argos and Nafplion and will commute to the Center at Mycenae (7-13 miles) for classes daily (free transportation by minibus/minivans)

The cities of Argos and Nafplion offer many opportunities for cultural immersion, shopping, sight seeing (antiquities, monuments, castles, museums, galleries), dinning, recreational sports (soccer, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, billiard, biking, jogging), and entertainment (cafes, bars, clubbing, cinema, theater). Nafplion is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe displaying an eclectic syncretism of classical, medieval, Ottoman, Venetian, and neoclassical architecture. 

The beautiful shores of Nafplion (Arvanitia, Karathona), Tolo, Nea Kios, Myloi, Kiveri are perfect gateways for swimming, jet skiing, and sailing. The Arachnaion mountains around Mycenae are ideal for mountain climbing, biking, and hiking. During group excursions, students will have plenty of opportunities for recreation, entertainment, and cultural experiences, such as rafting and hiking at the Vikos Gorge, canoeing in the Feneos lake, sailing in the Cyclades, climbing the Santorini volcano, attending classical opera in Athens, night clubbing in Thessaloniki, feasting and dancing in the villages of Crete, listening to the psalms and hymns of the divine liturgy in the monasteries at Meteora.